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Located in the dizzying heights of the Himalayas, with passes that remain closed for six months linking them with the rest of the world, Kinnaur, Spiti & Lahaul were till now a forbidden land. Only a chosen few were granted permission to visit this secret world, officials, Moravian missionaries who settled here in 1853 and a few mountaineers.

Now this area has been opened for the daring and adventurous to discover what had been hidden from the world for centuries.
From the riotous green of the Sangla Valley filled with orchards of apricots, peaches, chilgozas and apples to the magnificent desolation of the Hangrang Valley, Mother Nature's portrait is an ever changing one in Kinnaur. This land lying on the ancient trade route between India and Tibet, ringed by the majestic mountain of the Himalayan and Dhauladhar range is the land of plenty. The gushing rivers of Kinnaur abound in Trout-the angler's prize catch, their waters have over the centuries chiseled beautiful gorges across this picturesque land and nurtured one of the most unique societies on there banks. In the lush land live the descendants of the Kinners-the demi gods of the Hindu pantheon, whose deeds have been immortalized in epics and the poems of ancient Sanskrit poets.
General Information
Area : 6401 sq. km
Population: 78,334
Languages: Kinnauri, Hindi, English, Tibetan are understood and spoken by the people engaged in tourism trade.
Altitude: 2670m (Kalpa)
Clothing: Light woollen in summer

Heavy woollens in winter

Visiting season: May to October

(July to October for a circuit from Shimla to Manali & Jeep Safaris as well as trekking and climbing or vice versa )

  • Distances from Rekong Peo

    Places to visit Km
    Chango 114
    Chitkul 64
    Kalpa 13
    Ribba 25
    Sangla 38
    Khab 79
    Spello 43
    Morang 48
    Nako 105
    Karchham 20
    Wangtu 40
    Sumdo 132

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